Turning Ideas Into a Plan



The development

of railways and rail traffic is an expanding sector which encompasses the entire globe. At INFRASYSTEMS FZE, our team of highly experienced and innovative professionals can provide a vital service that will be of benefit throughout the entire development process.
Our unique methods and solutions will ensure a smooth journey for your project right through from planning and tendering to engineering solutions to achieve the final result, a perfectly finished railway system.

Consulting services

What we do?


We can offer

you a wide range of services, including but not limited to…


In-depth initial

consultancy to assess your unique requirements.


Wide reaching

and specific market research.


The establishment

of efficient communication channels to ensure ease of collaboration between clients, manufacturers and constructors across the globe.


The preparation

of documents to put forward for tender.

Turning Ideas Into a Plan

Our plans for the future

As a business we are always looking to the future, to grow and develop, in order to best serve our clients. We are currently moving to offer new services to our clients, with an expanded expertise in areas of city transportation infrastructure to include transportation modes such as trams and buses.

Our future plans also include aiding the manufacturers of commercial vehicles to gain a hold within the Middle Eastern and African markets.